Destiny Servers Down On October 7

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Destiny servers will be "offline for maintenance" today. The purpose of the tune up, according to Bungie, is to improve the player's experience.

"This maintenance will focus on improving the backend technology that enables players to connect to the world of Destiny," Bungie stated in a press release, "providing more stability for those users who have encountered connection issues."

Bungie assured players that, despite the changes, the player experience will remain the same.

"The player experience will remain unchanged," Bungie stated, "aside from the stability for some users who have encountered issues connecting to servers."

Bungie got specific as to what would be fixed.

The fixes: "(add) more data logging for matchmaking systems," "(improve) connectivity failure handling to reduce beaver (kick to orbit events) KTOs," "(improve) logging of player disconnections," "speed up (the game's) release process," "tune the frequency of roster updates on Xbox One," and "(remove) a bug that (allows) users to quick scope on some weapons."

There will also be fixes made to server problems, including security and performance issues.

Bungie had plans to update Destiny upon its release--something that critics noted.

"Already," Game Informer stated in their review of Destiny, "Bungie has plans in the works to expand the game with additional story content, raids, and regular new variations of competitive gameplay."

For now, you will have to live without Destiny. For more about Bungie's blockbuster title, go to its official website here.