Verbi Security Is The World's First Indoor Gunshot Detection Platform For Schools

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Verbi, Inc. has released Verbi Security, the world's first affordable indoor gunshot detection platform for schools and workplaces.

Using a combination of commercial and open-source standard connections and components, the system integrates gunshot detection and mass notification systems with existing intelligent fire detection, electronic access control and video surveillance systems. This will centralize control, greatly improving call and response times in emergency situations and reduce integration costs and budgetary issues that have previously plagued the industry.

The app installs in less than a minute on common mobile devices. Verbi Security surpasses every other security and crisis management solution on the market for both features and price.

Currently, competitors sell only to police departments with external gunshot detectors or via custom military-grade installations at huge expense.

Verbi Security is priced around $100 per month per server, within the range of schools and businesses that previously had no real options for affordable, integrated, mobile device-based security.

According to Robert Hotaling, Founder and CEO of Verbi, the system is the first practical alternative to custom solutions selling for $1.5 million and up.

Verbhas alsoi launched a Kickstarter project to raise funding to bring Verbi Security to market., the world's most recognized crowd-funding site, is a platform that gives start-ups an opportunity to gain financing from the community. Individuals can provide small amounts of seed capital for projects that are important to them.

Since Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, school boards across the country remain committed to identifying new tools and strategies to proactively respond to situations that threaten school safety and security. Rob and his team have a 30-day window to raise $700,000.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an all-or-nothing funding model. Individuals can pledge their support for the Verbi Security Kickstarter Campaign at

Monitor Verbi's progress at Twitter (@verbiinc),, and