Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Nostalgia Happening In GTA Online

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Rockstar Games is getting nostalgic in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In celebration, Rockstar shared 10 jobs on GTA Online that reflect some of C.J's adventures. You can add them to your game by clicking each link, and descriptions are provided for all them.

The missions are: Dam Rider, Grove Sweet Grove, A Home in the Hills, N.O.E, Sweet and Kendl, Bloodring Bangers, Gray Imports, Grove Street Brawlers, Little Loop, and Wrong Side of the Tracks.

San Andreas' launched on October 26, 2004. A part of the Grand Theft Auto III family of titles, San Andreas incorporated role-playing elements into the series.

You could hit the gym and make C.J well-chiseled and statuesque or you could remain sedentary and make him rotund. You also had full control over his wardrobe.

As such, critics praised San Andreas upon its release. IGN gave it a 9.3 out of 10.

"GTA: San Andreas is easy to recommend for a thousand reasons. There's just so much to do and have fun with, but even so there's still room for the guys at Rockstar to improve, and that's a pretty exciting possibility."

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