Vizio launches Its New Website

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Vizohas launched the all-new featuring a consumer-centric user experience designed to inspire, inform, entertain and simplify the journey for consumers looking to purchase their next product.

Committed to offering a streamlined, best-in-class shopping experience, the intuitive user interface empowers consumers with convenient research and shopping tools, along with an easy checkout flow.

While shopping, consumers can browse highlighted products, learn about key features and benefits of new technology and compare models with ease.

A new predictive search tool also makes it easy to find products or customer support information quicker across desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

"The new simplifies the user experience while celebrating entertainment, innovation and design," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, Vizio.

"All design decisions were driven by ease-of-use, putting the consumer experience first to give them a better way to learn about VIZIO's beautifully simple technologies and product features through smart shopping tools and search functionalities."

With a fully responsive layout that optimizes content across every screen size from desktop to mobile, consumers now have the ability to research products and shop where it is most comfortable and convenient.

In-depth product feature pages, including the new store finder and comparison engine shopping tools, allow consumers to visit Vizio product pages at retail partner websites, or in-store from the store locator.

The new also features details on a newly developed augmented reality app called the VIZIO Showroom. The app was created to make the shopping experience simpler than ever. Consumers can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free.

From there, the process is simple, just print out the paper marker and place it on the wall or tabletop surface, simulating where the TV would be placed.

Then, using a mobile device's camera the Vizio Showroom App will show the room on your mobile device complete with the Vizio product(s) being considered, allowing consumers to change size and model through the app to determine what looks and fits in the space best.

To celebrate the launch, Vizio is offering consumers free shipping on all eligible products during the week of launch.