Costume Quest 2 Now Available on Steam

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Costume Quest 2, the new game from Double Fine, is now available on Steam. Double Fine announced the title's release via Twitter.

The game takes place in a dystopian future where the world's new dental health minded overlords have outlawed Halloween--making it impossible for kids to eat candy. In the trailer, children are seen sitting in a dark classroom as they cope with insufferable boredom.

But, there is hope.

"Trick, treat and pick a fight with villainous dental soldiers in Costume Quest 2 the sequel to Double Fine's hit original, Costume Quest," Double Fine states on the game's Steam page, "This inspired RPG adventure includes as range of new feature and gameplay improvements to double the amount of mischievous fun."

The game features a quirky art style for which Tim Schaefer--mastermind of Double Fine studios--is known.

Double Fine's resume is full games like this; Psychonauts remains a cult hit on the original Xbox. And it had cartoonish graphics that clashed with the realistic-leaning trend of the gaming industry.

Brutal Legend was similar to this. Starring Jack Black, you romped through a Heavy Metal-inspired fantasy world as you combated the evil Emperor Deviculous and his legions of fans that like inferior music genres.

Costume Quest 2 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you want to download the game, go here.

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