New YouTube Monetization Requirements Come Into Effect For Everyone Starting Today

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A few weeks ago, YouTube announced that new channels will no longer be able to monetize videos unless they meet some new quotas. Well today is February 20th, 2018 and the new requirements are now affecting everyone on the site. 

As you might know already, YouTube now requires you to have over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours in the previous 365 days to qualify to get paid for making videos.

The previous requirement was just getting a lifetime view count of 10,000 views.

Even though I don't post videos on YouTube that often, I was affected by the changes today.

I can no longer monetize my videos on YouTube since I do not have over 4000 hours of watch time from viewers and my subscriber count is far below the 1000 minimum.

As spotted by a user on Twitter, this is also affecting those that are a part of the Nintendo Creators Program as well. You can read a part of the email sent to YouTube channel owners down below. 

"The Nintendo Creators Program requires agreement to and participation in the YouTube Partner Program, so if channels do not meet the above eligibility requirements, they will not be able to monetize on the Nintendo Creators Program from their videos. 

Further, please be aware that if you already have your channel registered to the Nintendo Creators Program, those channels that do not meet the requirements will be deactivated from the Program by YouTube."

This is sad news for all small channels, although YouTube has done this in response to many controversial videos that have slipped under its radar.

In order to please advertisers and users, YouTube has made steps to limit monetization to make the platform a more family friendly environment.

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