Kids Clothing Transforms Into A Toy

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As a busy parent on the go, it's tough to take along all the toys and clothes your kids need and want.

That's why Hoodsbee was created. Hoodsbee is the first hoodie jacket that transforms into a plush friend.

Now your kids can carry their plush buddy around, put it on when it gets cold, and roll it back up when they're done. You can even use Hoodsbee as a comfortable head pillow when your little one gets sleepy.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just fold, roll and snap! Hoodsbee is great for trips, stores neatly and easily, and comes in girls and boys styles.

Hoodsbee is an innovative hoodie jacket that transforms into a plush toy. The patent pending technology allows the hoodie to be folded, rolled and fastened into the hood to become a plush toy.

Hoodsbee was created when the creative team at HLL Design was attempting to develop a new kind of character hoodie jacket that could have a rolled-up function.

After seeing the shape that was created by rolling the body into the hood, they added eyes and limbs to make it look like a plush toy.

Fasteners were then added to hold everything tightly into place and the final shape of the plush was formed.

Hoodsbee's debut as the first transforming hoodie jacket is on "We felt that crowd funding and Kickstarter in particular are the best places to present this unique design to the public", says Han Lee, President of HLL Design.

The first Hoodsbee collection consists of 4 boys' characters that include Tig the Tiger, Clobber the Monster, Eyevan the Monster, and Anchor the Shark.

There are also 4 girls' characters that include Prancy the Panda, Mimi the Fox, Ribbons the Monkey, and Milo the Owl.

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