Hollow Knight Almost Halfway Through Kickstarter Campaign, Earns Site's Staff Pick

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Hollow Knight, a 2-D platformer, is making noise with its Kickstarter campaign. Developed by Team Cherry, the project has received the site's "Staff Pick" award. The game is nearing the halfway point for its goal.

The gameplay in Hollow Knight looks similar to side-scrolling classics, Super Mario and Mega Man. But the artwork looks influenced by cartoon shows like Invader Zim.

The game invokes memories of Alien Hominid--the popular cartoonish video game from the early 2000s.

In the game, you play as a hero who is trying to discover the reason behind multiple disappearances that have occurred in your village.

You will use powerful weapons to aid your quest, and you will need to find shortcuts in order to outwit your enemies.

"Your goal as the Hollow Knight is to explore this deep and complex kingdom," Team Cherry writes on the game's Kickstarter, "finding your own way through the dark caverns as you attempt to solve an ancient mystery.

The way forward is not always clear, and deadly creatures will hunt you relentlessly, but as you press on, discovering new paths and shortcuts, and finding powerful new weapons and abilities, the kingdom of Hallownest will open up to you and eventually you will conquer it."

The game's Kickstarter ends on December 18. If funded, it is expected to launch in June of 2015. For more about the project, visit Team Cherry's official website here.