'Weather Zen' Gets Staff Pick on Kickstarter

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The Weather Zen just started its Kickstarter campaign, and it already has earned the site's "Staff Pick" distinction.

Developed by Krellware--an indie developer located in Virginia--Weather Zen is an adventure where your greatest opponent is nature. It takes place on the planet Aqun, and your survival and the fate of the planet are linked.

Things are out of balance on the planet, and it's up to you to embark on a quest and return things to their natural manner of existence.

But your choices must vary in accordance with the world around you; the world is ever changing and you will likely fail if your tactics are predictable.

"You are matched against the elements in this mystical survival adventure epic combining aspects of tower defense, action, puzzle, and strategy games," Krellware states on the game's Kickstarter page.

"Weather Zen is a world where every gamer can be challenged and (has) a story that draws you in from the first scene."

But Weather Zen is the first of many planned games; Krellware hopes to make multiple games leading up to "an MMORPG within the same virtual space."

Currently, the game is being developed for the PC and iPad, and the estimated launch date of the game is December of this year. For more about Krellware and their ambitions, visit their official website here.