MakeSpace, Cloud Storage for Physical Things, Goes National

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MakeSpace, the NYC-based startup transforming the self-storage industry, has gone national.

The service now allows consumers across the contiguous U.S. to easily store their belongings without ever setting foot inside a storage facility.

It's just three steps:

Users schedule a delivery, online or by phone, and MakeSpace delivers high-quality boxes right to their door.

After users fill their boxes with keepsakes and belongings to store, MakeSpace whisks them away to its secure storage facility.

At the warehouse, MakeSpace creates a visual catalog of each box so the user always knows what's in storage. That way, users can have individual boxes returned to them with just a few clicks, whenever and wherever they want.

With this expansion onto the national playing field, MakeSpace is challenging the $24 billion storage industry by eliminating the well-known inconveniences associated with traditional self storage.

By collaborating with delivery partners, MakeSpace now offers an additional way to upload belongings, on top of its local, door-to-door service, which will soon expand from New York City to other major metropolitan areas across the country.

"Cloud storage for physical things has always been central to our idea of what MakeSpace should be, and with this new iteration we're continuing to realize that vision," said Sam Rosen, founder and CEO of MakeSpace.

"Your stuff should be accessible in the same way your documents, music, and photos are: on any device, in any location, at any time. It's all about accessibility."

Customers who would never have used traditional self storage are now using MakeSpace as a lifestyle extension.

Self storage has been typically used in times of desperation, such as disaster, divorce, death or downsizing. MakeSpace's convenience and affordability gives consumers a reason to rethink how and why they store their belongings.

"Your belongings are no longer tied to one location - we can get your stuff back to you wherever you are," said Rosen. "This new functionality is game changing; it enables the mobility of things."

With a total funding of $10.1 million, MakeSpace has captured the imaginations of investors including entertainer turned business mogul Ashton Kutcher and New York Knicks superstar and digital athlete Carmelo Anthony. Other investors include Upfront Ventures and Founders Fund.

"Ashton and I always look for companies that harness the power of technology to make mundane, everyday tasks more efficient.

MakeSpace presents an elegant solution to the self-storage industry, enabling consumers to maximize their living spaces while saving time and energy," said Founder of A-Grade Investments Guy Oseary.

"A product that lets you focus on what you love instead of on what needs to get done is a sure success, and I'm excited to be along for the ride."

"At M7 Tech Partners, we're looking not only for products and services that present effective solutions to real-world problems, but also for leaders who can execute flawlessly.

That's exactly what we found with MakeSpace CEO Sam Rosen," said Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks All-Star and M7 Tech Partners co-founder.

"From the first time I met Sam, it was clear that he is a natural entrepreneur who knows what he needs to succeed and works hard to get it."