Can We All Finally Agree That 'Do No Evil' Is BS? Tech CEOs Buddy Up To Trump (Opinion)

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For some absurd reason, tech CEOs enjoy a level of hero worship that the heads of any other companies would never receive.

Nobody would ever call Jamie Dimon or the Koch brothers heroes -- yet millions of people revere Steve Jobs, a guy who couldn't be bothered to help his own child get off welfare.

And remember Google's mid-2000s mantra 'do no evil?' Well, that lasted a few years before Google started trying to take advantage of every loophole possible to cheat the people out of tax revenue.

Worse, they joined ALEC, which lobbies for some of the most detestable laws, like "stand your ground" (to help gun manufacturers).

And Sergei Brin and Larry Page were two of a tiny number of multi-billionaires who refused to sign the Giving Pledge.

But nothing to date has been as bad as what tech CEOs are doing now: are selling out their employees and customers to suck up to Donald Trump.

Only days after Trump won the election, several of the top tech execs met with him.

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, and Tim Cook of Apple were all willing to throw principle to the wind to sit down next to Trump's white supremacist buddy Steve Bannon.

Did they fight for the large number of immigrant employees that help generate their wealth? No.

Did they call Trump out on his treatment of women, Muslims, and other minorities? No. Like sheep they hurried to suck on his proverbial teat.

Worse, as all of Trump's executive orders have come down -- many of which target the exact people who make up a large part of the tech industry -- the CEOs have done little to advocate for anyone except themselves.

Take Elon Musk: few CEOs are as loved as he is.

He gets plenty of adoration for his stances on the environment and other issues.

But what did he do when he saw an opportunity to cozy up to Trump? He dropped all of his 'principles' -- to the point where the media is now saying that the two have a "bromance."

How does Musk reconcile the fact that he's so close to a guy who claims that climate change is a hoax and wants to destroy international climate treaties? Who knows? But he recently said to Gizmodo that former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson -- a man who profits from fossil fuels more than almost anyone -- would be an "excellent Secretary of State."

The other tech CEOs are no better. Kara Swisher noted this:

Interestingly, none of them put out statements to their employees afterward, which is very typical when executives go to these big, important meetings...There wasn't a peep out of any of them ... there's a lot of discomfort within the employee ranks. A lot of employees have put together statements about this, and signed different things about Muslim registries and things like that.

So one-by-one, the few people with the power to stop Donald Trump are bowing down to him.

It should be noted that the heads of several of the most well known corporations of the 20th century helped Hitler rise to power -- in order to line their own pockets.

Unfortunately, we may find soon find out whether our tech idols are any better.

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