Can Issa Assad Help You Make Money On Instagram? Social Media?

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Issa Asad, author of the best-selling book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram, has launched a new blog. Asad is an entrepreneurial expert with over 15 years of accumulated experience in the technology, telecommunications and marketing industries.

Called "Issa Asad Book", the blog will contain various promotional strategies dedicated to entrepreneurs, business professionals, SEO managers, social media marketers, marketing executives and more.

The blog, which can be visited at, offers advice for creating the most beneficial social media campaigns.

Asad is an entrepreneur from Miami, FL, and has worked with several multi-million dollar companies in the South Florida area.

He has been a Chief Executive Officer, President, Founder, and other top-level positions for over 15 years. Currently, Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, and Centurion Logistics, LLC, both located in Dania, FL.

Asad says that he offers the social media blogging world a unique perspective to social media marketing and SEO. "Creating good social media content requires so much more than just random posts," said Asad. "It requires research, optimization, publishing, promoting content, and analyzing what works and what doesn't work."

Social media marketing represents a great alternative to traditional advertising methods. Its main purpose is to capture the attention of customers by creating valuable and relevant content constantly to meet and enhance consumer behavior.

Small businesses as well as large ones can improve brand image by creating social media content that is both original and inspiring. Recent studies show that social media marketing is more than three times more effective than traditional online advertising.

"Marketing through social media and Instagram allows you to provide interesting information, and original representations of your brand," said Asad. "Through social media, you can gain potential customers as well as impress existing ones."

Many small businesses know that they should create a presence on social media; however, many simply do not know what to do.

"I have had an Instagram account for probably a year before doing anything with it, but Issa Asad inspired me and showed me that really, it isn't that hard," said Andres M. of Ninety Second Media from Miami, FL.

Since the release of Instant Profits with Instagram on September 10, 2014, Asad has been working on another book in the Instant Profits series, called Instant Profits with Alibaba.

He said the launch of his blog is another way he can reach more business professionals who are interested in gaining new customers and expanding their businesses on social media.

"Whether through my book, my upcoming book or my new blog, my passion is to help other businesses see that social media marketing is accessible, effective and important," said Asad.