Square Enix Collective Seeking Feedback on Blood Star

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Square Enix Collective wants more feedback on indie game titles. This time, they're promoting Blood Star-- developed by Dark Screen Games.

It's a science fiction title that has relevance to current events; you are on a quest to locate the Blood Star, which is a source of infinite energy for every planet in the solar system. During your quest, you have a choice to either use the Blood Star for the benefit of the solar system's populace or use its energy for selfish profit as you side with the Blast Corporation.

You can become a revolutionary or a cold-hearted corporate tycoon.

"It is up to you to either join the evil Blast Corporation in their mission to take over the galaxy," Square Enix states, "or to rise against them and become the leader of your own clone army and gain the true power of the Blood Star for yourself."

The game play, according to Square Enix, is based on "Diablo, Dodonpachi, Rise of the Triad, and Don't Starve."

Square Enix showed off some screenshots of the game on its official Collective page. Featuring hand-painted graphics, fans of Tim Schaefer--creator of Brutal Legend and Psychonauts-- will likely enjoy the game's cartoonish art style.

The public has shown interest in the game, and Valve announced that they have reached out to the game's developers to get it on the digital game store.

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