Can You Get Legal Advice From An App?

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Avvo,an online legal marketplace, has launched Avvo Advisor, available online or via a free app for iOS devices.

Avvo Advisor offers consumers on-demand legal advice from an experienced, top-rated lawyer anytime, anywhere, for a fixed-fee of just $39 for 15 minutes over the phone - a savings of up to 71% over the average hourly fee for a lawyer.

"At Avvo, we want to make access to legal help as routine as getting a medical check-up, and Avvo Advisor is a game-changing step towards that goal," said Mark Britton, founder and CEO, Avvo.

"Avvo Advisor provides professional legal help to consumers on their terms, with clear pricing and on-demand delivery, saving significant time, money and hassle - the very things that keep many people from hiring a lawyer."

Avvo Advisor is the solution for legal issues that should be simple and affordable to solve, but are overcomplicated by today's one-size-fits-all method of getting legal help.

With Avvo Advisor, consumers no longer have to spend days and dollars finding an experienced lawyer to help with everyday legal situations.

Among the many situations Avvo Advisor is ideal for:

Getting clarity on how to proceed with a legal issue
Reviewing documents for a small business
Determining if you need a lawyer
Understanding the fine print on debt collection letters
Verifying that DIY legal documents have been done correctly
Understanding the steps involved in a divorce
Helping with immigration forms and processes
Reviewing a lease
Identifying and preventing potential legal troubles
To get started, users simply visit Avvo Advisor on Avvo ( or download the free Avvo Advisor App for iOS. Then users select the type of legal category they need help in - such as small business or divorce - before submitting their payment and contact information through a secure online form.

Within 15 minutes, a qualified and highly rated Avvo attorney will call them for a 15-minute advice session - with no strings attached. If users are not satisfied with their Avvo Advisor experience, Avvo will refund their payment in full.

"In determining the best way to meet consumers' everyday legal needs, we tested various time durations and pricing. We learned that the vast majority of users got the information they needed to move forward in less than 15 minutes," said Sachin Bhatia, vice president of product development, Avvo.

"People now accomplish all kinds of meaningful tasks on their phones while on the go, including buying insurance, trading stocks and getting medical advice.

Now with Avvo Advisor, they have easy access to legal help on-demand, at a cost of up to 71% less than the average hourly fee for a lawyer.i"

Avvo Advisor is currently available in nine legal categories and fifteen states:

Legal Categories: Small Business, Divorce, Family, Immigration, Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, Criminal Defense, Employment, and Bankruptcy/Debt
States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin
Additional categories and states will be added in the coming months.

Avvo Advisor is available online at and the Avvo Advisor App is available as a free download from the App Store for iPhone(R), iPad(R) and iPod touch(R).