Black the Fall In Final Days of Kickstarter

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Black the Fall, the latest game part of Square Enix's Collective, has 3 days remaining in its Kickstarter campaign.

The project currently has ?21, 426 of its ?25,000 goal. And their colleagues in the industry have taken to Twitter to offer their support; Sleeping Dogs posted on its account--supporting the indie game.

The game has also earned the Staff Pick distinction on Kickstarter.

Black the Fall is a title from Sand Sailor Studios, and it's based on the team's experience growing up in a communist society.

The colors in the game are dark, and the player must rely on stealth and skill in order to navigate through perilous levels; you will have to travel through two-dimensional environments as an inky smudge on an otherwise clean-looking backdrop.

"Inspired by Amiga classics Flashback and Another World" Worth Playing writes, "Black the Fall is a game about choice: you can use weapons o confront challenged with violence, or stay hidden from threatening marauders.

For many of the game's environmental puzzles and hidden secrets, only your wits will help."

If funded, the game will be released in 2015. For more about Black the Fall, visit its official website here. If you want to fund its Kickstarter campaign in its final days, then visit its page here.