From The Creator of Diablo Comes Rebel Galaxy

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Rebel Galaxy, the upcoming title from Double Damage Games, is described as an "epic swashbuckling space game." It was unveiled a few days ago, accompanied with a trailer that is laden with blues guitar and an alien monologue.

The alien makes you an offer, and you choose whether or not to accept.

Developed by people who worked on the Diablo and Torchlight franchises, Rebel Galaxy promises more role-playing elements than the two famed series, according to Double Damaged Games' post on the Playstation Blog.

"Erich and I have spent a lot of time working on action-RPGs." Double Damage Games stated. "We worked together on Torchlight and Torchlight 2, and before that Erich co-created Diablo and Diablo II. The funny thing is, in many ways Rebel Galaxy has more actual role-playing int it. The things you say, and the choices you make, have an actual effect on how other people (or aliens... or robots...) might interact with you."

In addition to the many adventures you are likely to take as a futuristic pirate. Double Damage stressed that this isn't the glossy, pristine future where glimmering flagships soar through the cosmos.

Rather, ships are rusty--making for a gritty element seldom seen in sci-fi adventures.

Rebel Galaxy will launch in 2015--an exact release date hasn't been announced yet. For more about the upcoming title, visit Double Damage Games' website here.