Fave100 app looks to create the ultimate playlist

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Fave100.com, a new crowdsourcing web app that lets users contribute to ranked song lists, is asking online users around the world to help assemble the most exhaustive "Top 100" music list of all-time.

"With the number of users connected globally, now is a great time to put together the definitive list of the 100 favorite songs ever," says co-founder Corey Wainman.

"And what's better is that the list is never done - it is a living, breathing entity - one that dynamically adjusts as users discover new music. And you can see the results in real-time."

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In addition to the aggregate list, users can also see individual lists of any Fave100 user. "Many users have recommended songs here and there, but not many have actually taken the time to rank them.

Our early tests show that users enjoy the process of sculpting their list, whether they put in 5, 10 or the full 100.

Rather than robot-generated recommendations, Fave100 picks are more qualified and meaningful. It really takes music discovery to a whole new level."

Free to join, Fave100 also lets you:

Create sub-lists based on genre (e.g.

classicrock), year (e.g.

2014), etc.
See results in real-time (lists are automatically tabulated)
View lists based on users or critics
For each pick, add an optional Why-Line, a 90-character-or-less answer to the question: "Why is this one of your favorites?"
View the lists of others who have made the same picks
Listen to full playlists for free
Follow friends and celebrities

For more information, visit www.fave100.com.