HotRoster Fantasy Sports App Is For More Than Sports Fans

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The world of fantasy sports just got a little more accesible as HotRoster ( launches in Apple's App store.

A new app from Game Sports Network, Inc. was developed by gaming and technology executives to capitalize on the enormous and growing fantasy sports industry.

"Unlike other fantasy sports platforms which cater to a niche, we created an experience for everyone who loves sports, their smartphones and winning money. HotRoster appeals as much to the candy crusher as it does to the expert fantasy gamer.

People are intrigued by fantasy sports, but they don't necessarily understand nor have the time to deal with the complexity of managing a fantasy team," said Chuck Goldman, former Apple Enterprise Director and CEO of Game Sports Network.

The Game Sports Network development team has been building apps since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and has built more than 100 apps for leading global brands. With that experience, they've created HotRoster, which takes the complexity out of fantasy sports by allowing fans to use their skills to pick players and create rosters in a familiar "Tinder-like" swipe left or right environment.

"Fans select match-ups created by legendary Las Vegas Linemaker Kenny White, and in three easy steps, they have picked, placed and paid," added Goldman.

"HotRoster gives fans a greater opportunity to win because, unlike other fantasy platforms, fans get paid out individually rather than from a pool of people playing against each other."

"HotRoster is the app for fans to follow their passion for sports without worrying about bye weeks, positions, or salary caps," said Kenny White, Chief Linemaker of Game Sports Network.

"HotRoster fits in perfectly with anyone's current fantasy experience, giving fans a chance to hedge their season-long picks and show their confidence in their favorite stars."

"HotRoster is fast, fun and easy for fans to enjoy fantasy action on the go," said Goldman. "Search for HotRoster on the App Store or go to for a completely new experience in fantasy sports."