Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Cost $100k, Self Lacing Nikes Don't Come Close

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There has recently been a lot of chatter about the Nike "self lacing" shoes. The shoes will start selling on December 1, and as many have noted, they are expensive.

But at over $700, they're nowhere near the most expensive sneakers available. The title of most expensive sneakers ever goes to an airline -- which sold a one-off pair of shoes for almost $100,000.

Nike Competes for the Most Expensive Sneakers Ever

Big news hit the sneaker world (how often do you hear that?) when Nike announced that it was about to release the first ever production run "self lacing shoes" using their "HyperAdapt" technology. According to Wired, the shoes contain a lacing "engine" with battery, lighting, and motor in a plastic box at the base of the shoe.

Those connect to tensioners where the laces would normally go. When you step into the shoe and press against the side, the motor tensions the laces, and the sensor determines just the right tension.

All of this technology didn't come cheap, though. The shoes took 28 years to build and will retail at $720, which is more than most phones.

Virgin Atlantic Makes The Most Expensive Sneakers Ever

Still, that's nothing compared to the most expensive sneakers ever.

According to The Squander, the most expensive sneakers ever were recently sold by an airline for a total of $97,877.77. The sneakers, dubbed "Virgin America First Class Shoes," were created to simulate the feel of first class on Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

The sneakers are one-of-a-kind, and like the Nikes, they pack a lot of technology.

In addition to the standard shoe stuff, they have a WiFi hotspot, a USB charger for your phone, an LCD video screen, and a rechargeable battery. They also have a stainless steel buckle instead of laces.

Virgin described the shoes like this in their eBay listing:

This might be your last chance to get your hands on a piece of historic aviation memorabilia. Whether you're a sneakerhead or an airline enthusiast, this is a can't-miss collectible. And it's sure to be a conversation starter for years to come.

Virgin America