Hip-Hop Beat Search Engine Launches

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Creating beats and selling them has been a saturated field of producers flooding social media with promotional posts.

Many have set-up their own websites in order to try and sell their beats, but a new tech start-up looks poised to align everyone's interests.

Tenuto.fm is created by Sricharan Maddineni and Dhruv Garg, two childhood friends. Sricharan was going to be a medical student, but his passion for music and hip-hop led him to drop out of his medicine program and pursue hip-hop music production full time. And Dhruv has been captivated by computers and software since his 8th grade web development class.

Together they have created an admittedly clean and easy-to-use website for selling and buying beats. The site acts as a marketplace and the most crucial aspect to it is that it allows you to search by mainstream artist.

So for instance if you want a beat that sounds like Dr.

Dre, you need only search that artist into the bar and get the available beats that sound like them. The curating of the site is done by co-creator Sricharan.

Ultimately, Tenuto.fm is slick and easy to use and could make a real run at a unified beat search engine. And since the actual purchasing of the beats is also done on the site, it adds an extra value to stay on the site.

The biggest hurdle they will have is getting the word out to producers and rappers, as many start-ups servicing this market seem to have a difficult time with that aspect.

We'll have to watch and see if this one takes off.