New Legend of Korra Clip Posted Online

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Aclip from this week's Legend of Korra episode was posted on Nick's official website.

The clip is titled "Return of the Avatar," and it opens with Korra flying back to see her estranged mentor, Tenzin.

But Naga-- her animal companion--greets her first. This doesn't have the same emotional weight as Aang's reunion with Appa, but it still is one of the more touching moments from the latter portion of the series.

But the greeting doesn't last long; Tenzin appears and asks Korra what happened. Korra tells Tenzin that Kuvira has gone mad and must be stopped. There is, however, a splash of humor in the solemnness.

Meelo demands his master tattoos from Tenzin as a reward for finding the Avatar. Tenzin quickly dismisses this request and turns his attention to serious matters.

The last Korra episode ended on a bad note for Team Avatar; Kuvira defeated Korra in a duel. And it's clear that the latter is still haunted by her past enemies.

In addition, Suyin and her sons were taken as prisoners of the Earth Empire. With Kuvira mentioning enslavement and reeducation camps for her dissenters, Suyin's arc might be one of the most suspenseful of the season.

The next episode will be called "Reunion," and it will go live on Friday, November 14.

For more about Legend of Korra, visit the series' official website here.