TunesGo Brings iTunes To Android

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iTunes and Android are together at last with the launch of TunesGo for Android for Mac, available now, according to Wondershare.

Entire iTunes library's, including, complete playlists, songs, movies, videos and more can be synced to Android from Mac with TunesGo.

A much needed solution for those who have switched from an iOS device to an Android but doesn't want to lose their iTunes library.

Apple does not allow Android users to use iTunes with their device, encouraging people to stick to Apple products only, but with TunesGo, that barrier is broken.

TunesGo users can seamlessly use iTunes with their Android, even if Apple doesn't want them to.

"Digital music consumption on mobile is growing exponentially, it's not uncommon for music lovers to get hold of an Android device but want to sync their large iTunes music library to their Android, it can be really frustrating to try to get all the playlists that you spent time putting together from your Mac to an Android device," said Alice Chen, Product Manager of TunesGo.

"TunesGo helps smooth the pain of syncing by offering an intuitive and simple solution making it a perfect iTunes companion for people to enjoy their music across devices and operating systems.

Users have the ability to set specific parameters to syncing efforts giving a more customized experience. TunesGo is the most comprehensive solution on the market for users to sync music from Mac to Android and vice versa."

TunesGo fills some of the other gaps of iTunes by allowing users to drag and drop any file from their Mac to store on their Android.

And in case of a dreaded computer crash, or in the event one were to lose their iTunes library, TunesGo allows syncing of music back from Android onto Mac.

Android users on Mac can stop looking for an alternative music manager to iTunes, TunesGo is the iTunes companion that allows people to use iTunes and Android together.