Telltale Games' Game of Thrones Has New Trailer

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Telltale's Game of Thrones has a new trailer.

The first episode will be titled "Iron Romance," but a release date has yet to be announced. The trailer gave us a few glances at the game's visuals, which look cartoonish but still true to the popular HBO series.

Notable characters appeared in the trailer, including Tyrion Lannister and Margeary Tyrell--both of whom are fan favorites.

In addition to the trailer, Telltale posted on the PlayStation Blog that some of the show's actors would reprise their roles in the game.

"Today we can announce that some cast members of the television series will reprise their roles in the game," Telltale stated on the PlayStation Blog.

"While you'll get to control five members of House Forrester in your story, the series will have you interacting with characters you already know and love (or hate) throughout the season, including Tyrion Lannister performed by Peter Dinklage, Cersei Lannister performed by Lena Heady, Margaery Tyrell performed by Natalie Dormer, and Ramsay Snow performed by Iwan Rheon."

The details to Game of Thrones have been kept secret. And this trailer, while showing us the first screenshots of the game, doesn't tell us much that we didn't already know.

Fans have speculated that House Forrester would be central to the game's plot, and that it would take place in the North.

With no release date confirmed, Telltale has stated that the first of six episodes would launch before the New Year. For more about Telltale's Game of Thrones, visit its official website here.

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