Lulu opens messaging between girls and guys; Drops 'Truth Bombs'

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Lulu, aprivate network for girls, has released a way for girls and guys to chat anonymously about sex and relationships.

This new feature, called Truth Bombs, comes as a response to huge demand from girls and guys to be able to interact on Lulu and learn from each other about sex and relationships.

One millions of girls

Guys on Lulu get to be the only guy in the room...with millions of girls. When a guy creates an anonymous Truth Bomb, he has the exclusive right to interact with and reply to girls.

No other guys can comment on his Truth Bomb. Guys get instant feedback from the Lulu community, such as:

How many guys have you slept with? (2500 girls weigh in!);
Chivalry: hot or weak? (1240 girls hot hot!);
Do girls watch porn? (Too many replies to count...).
Real and hilarious conversations on sex and relationships

For girls, Truth Bombs are an inside look at what millions of guys want to know about sex and relationships. Girls can read and respond to popular questions from guys, and see where they stand on topics like:

Naked pictures: "Seen one d**k pic, seen them all";
Hair: "Excuse me! Bush is BACK";
Infidelity: "I would never want to hurt another woman".
Beta test demonstrates huge demand

In a three-week beta test, Lulu saw massive demand from girls and guys. Truth Bombs were viewed more than one million times, and guys created 60,000 Truth Bombs, or 100 Truth Bombs per hour.

Alexandra Chong, Lulu's Founder and CEO, says: "Girls on Lulu want the guy's perspective on sex and relationships. We've seen this from the beginning with huge demand for Dear Dude, our advice column.

With Truth Bombs, girls can get the guy's point of view...from millions of guys. It's an important next step in our mission to build a private network for girls to share their experiences and make