Mad Genius Radio Lets Users Create an Infinite Playlist

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Mad Genius Radio has launched a mobile and desktop personalized radio apps (available on iOS, Android and the Web).

While other platforms use antiquated binary correlation standards that deliver narrow and predictable playlists, Mad Genius Radio creates an always-fresh "infinite playlist" that keeps people listening longer.

"The outdated streaming model has pushed users to on-demand streaming services or canned playlists based on an artist or song, and there are a lot of problems with this approach," said Eric Neumann, founder of Mad Genius Radio. "Most importantly, it takes the emotion and fun out of hearing old songs you love, but may have forgotten; deep cuts you never hear on other services; and that 'oh, wow, who sings this?' feeling that radio used to give us.

Mad Genius Radio combines the best aspects of radio, eliminates annoying ads and makes you the program director of your favorite station.

We improve upon professional curation by empowering natural personalization, proving that the art of radio is more robust now than ever."

Mad Genius Radio's patent-pending algorithm is based on rotation, rather than correlation, which leads to a personalized - but never predictable - listening experience. Nearly 100 human-curated genres fit every listener's preferences, activity and mood.

But rather than having to pick just one category, Mad Genius users can combine up to seven genres - with hundreds of songs in rotation - at a time.

A unique 0-10 sliding scale adjusts how much of each genre will play, while a 0-5 rating scale determines how often each artist or song will rotate.

"Mad Genius Radio was designed to sound great with or without input from the listener, just like a well-programmed radio station," added Neumann.

"I've been an obsessive music fan since I was four years old," said Kristin Clemons, Mad Genius Radio listener. "I had tried all the other Internet music apps, and had dismissed them long before finding Mad Genius Radio, as they just didn't have what I was looking for. Since finding Mad Genius Radio, I continue to be amazed at the variety, the personal control, the simplicity and the fun that the player gives me whenever I listen.

Its comprehensive music library is astounding, and the ability to have such detailed control over what I listen to day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour, is something you'll find nowhere else.

I will never listen to another music app other than Mad Genius Radio. It's the total package."

With the release of Mad Genius Radio, key industry differentiators of this platform include:

True personalization: Within the Mad Genius Radio platform, users can adjust how much of a genre they want to hear by adjusting its slider from 0-10. Additionally, users can adjust the rotation of songs and artists with 0-5 ratings. Ratings can be made as songs play, on the History page, or on artist pages. And with the Request feature, listeners can search and rate an artist's entire collection.

Rated music is filtered into the mix with its own unique slider, which allows the user to control whether and how much their requests play. These features enable hyper-personal customization that cannot be achieved by the thumbs up, thumbs down approach to music ratings.
Genres for every taste, activity and mood: Along with the traditional genres of music, Mad Genius Radio curates playlists according to mood, including "Get S&*%! Done," "All Amp'ed Up," and "Rainy Day."
Time Machine feature: Listeners can pick a genre and travel back to a specific time period to experience radio as it was back in the day.

For example, users can select the Adult Alternative genre and summer of 1993 to mix the elements of nostalgia with the surprise of more familiar but less-often played tracks, plus the discovery of songs they may have missed.
Mad Genius Radio is equally focused on delivering an unmatched user experience and financially supporting artists.

Mad Genius Radio is currently available in the United States and Canada for free to all users on iOS, Android and desktop during an extended trial-period, and will then introduce its subscription-based pricing model for $5 a month or a $48 annual membership.

To download Mad Genius Radio, visit the App Store, Google Play or