Bayonetta 2, Pokemon Headline Busy Friday For Gaming Industry

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The videogame industry will be busy tomorrow when Bayonetta 2 hits American shelves.

After getting rave reviews, gamers will likely be lining up to purchase the title. It's the latest release from Platinum Games and is coming out exclusively for the Wii U.

In addition to Bayonetta, Pokemon Art Academy launches on the 3DS tomorrow. The game is described as "ever-evolving." You assume the role of an aspiring artist in the Pokemon universe.

Under the instruction of an accomplished Pokemon professor, you learn how to draw 'em all.

However, the release of Art Academy is an afterthought in the minds of Pokemon fans; Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire--the remakes of the classic Gameboy Advance titles--launch on November 21.

In addition, Sony will start selling tickets to the Playstation Experience tomorrow. The event is the first of its kind, and it will be a celebration of all things related to the brand.

The festival will include giveaways, signings, panels and more.

Playstation stated that more details would be announced in coming weeks about who would be appearing at the event.

You can purchase tickets to the event here.

Bayonetta 2 highlights a busy day for the industry. To learn more about the title, visit its official website here. For more about Pokemon Art Academy visit its website here. For more about Playstation, visit its blog here.