'Igneos: The Last Phoenix' Looks like an Epic Mix Between 'Zelda' and 'Okami '

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BearInMind Games recently put their new title up on Kickstarter; Igneos: The Last Phoenix is a game where you play as the last of the great fire birds and fly through world that invokes memories of Okami.

In the game, you play as Pharos--the last remaining phoenix. When he is born, he finds that the world isn't in ideal condition: It's ruined.

As you explore the environment, you will have to restore it. You will do this by planting vegetation, which will help restore color to the game's battered map.

"For millennia," BearinMind Games states on Igneos' Kickstarter, "the Phoenix maintained the balance of life and death of the planet.

When Pharos is born from the ashes, it discovers it is the last of its kind in a world that is crumbling and fracturing - setting forth a mystery that must be solved to restore balance to the planet."

The gameplay will be elemental-based, similar to the Zelda franchise. In addition, the combat will be close ranged. Pharos will have three primary attacks at his disposal: Flame Charge, Grapple, and Fire Storm.

"You're able to dash-attack enemies," BearinMind stated on a Reddit AMA, "the grab leads into either throwing enemies (you can even throw those crows at other enemies, basically hitting one enemy with another enemy) or shredding them apart with hack and slash. And of course, being a phoenix you have the powers of fire.

Melt away ice, scorch enemies, even let out a fire blast.

But your moment-to-moment is typically exploring an open-world environment, either combatting enemies, or solving the various puzzles that are strewn about. Think Hyrule Field in Zelda, in that overworld there are laid out enemy dungeon environments."

If you want to donate to this project, go to its official Kickstarter and help it reach its $40,000 goal. If you want to check out a demo of the game, you can do so here.