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Empty Lighthouse is a reader-supported site. This article may contain affiliate links to Amazon and other sites. We earn a commission on purchases made through these links. is going to make an impact. Socializing in our modern culture revolves heavily upon nightlife and going out to meet new people.

Unfortunately not everyone goes out at night with the best intentions for everyone in mind, and almost everyone has a story or two about a friend who was taken advantage of after a few two many drinks.

Even worse, are the horrendous cases of "date rape" which according to the University of Sciences, are so abundant that 1 in 4 women will experience it or an attempt of it throughout a typical 4 year stay at college.

After hearing statistics like these and several others involving date rape, the team knew something had to be done.

They've begun designing the which will allow would be victims to test their drinks for an illicit substances which could put someone in a weakened state of mind.

Check out their indiegogo video

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