Is A 'Back To the Future' Hoverboard Possible?

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In one of Silicon Valley's most remarkable (and eagerly anticipated) feats of innovation, a small but passionate team has resolved the issues surrounding hover technology by using Magnetic Field Architecture to transmit electromagnetic energy more efficiently than ever before possible.

As proof of concept, the company -- Arx Pax -- has created a working hoverboard prototype.

The rewards program in this Kickstarter campaign to raise $250,000 has support options ranging from $5 to $10,000, and will include 10 production Hendo Hoverboards and unlimited Whitebox developer kits.

According to founder and inventor Greg Henderson, "About two years ago, we began investigating MFA and hover technology as a better way to build, move people and move materials.

During our research, we discovered a way to transmit electromagnetic technology that is far more efficient than anything else.

This means that our patent-pending Hendo Hover Engine technology can enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous materials with payloads of virtually any size and weight.

"While the possibilities are both exciting and nearly limitless," Henderson continued, "we decided to build a hoverboard prototype and hover engine developer kits right out of the gate.

Our hope is that the Hendo Hoverboard will generate excitement, enthusiasm and financial interest from people who want to see it brought to fruition, and that our hover engine developer kits will spark the imagination of millions of potential inventors of other hover technology solutions.

It is still early days, but we are absolutely thrilled because we have proven conclusively that what was widely considered impossible is, in fact, possible."

Seeing is Believing

Because of the elaborate Funny or Die prank video on HUVr Tech last spring, Arx Pax is inviting the media to its offices to see and touch the working Hendo Hoverboard prototype over the next two weeks.

If you are a professional journalist interested in seeing a live demo at Arx Pax and talking to the founders, please click here.

About Arx Pax

Arx Pax designs, develops, manufactures, and sells hover engines used in Hendo Hoverboards and the Whitebox developer kit. The patent-pending Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology transmits electromagnetic energy more efficiently than previously possible. MFA enables platforms to hover over non-ferrous metals with payloads of any size and any weight.

Arx Pax also licenses its IP to strategic partners who want to improve the efficiency of existing systems or create new, more efficient systems.

A campaign to raise money to manufacture Hendo Hoverboards, create the world's first hoverpark, and distribute the Whitebox developer kits is now on Kickstarter at Visit us at and