'Ray's The Dead' Coming To Playstation Vita

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Ray's The Dead is coming to the Playstation Vita. Announced via Twitter, Ragtag Studios is asking fans to donate money through Kickstarter.

The independent studio is offering a discounted copy of Ray's The Dead to all who donate.

And they have the game listed as a cross-buy title--buying it on the Playstation 4 will entitle the player to a copy on the Playstation Vita.

Ragtag made a longer announcement on the Playstation Blog, where they said, "we have been hard at work at refining controls, enhancing features of (the) engine, expanding (the) arsenal of characters and fine-tuning the story."

But the part of the game that the developers are most excited about is the flashback system--a mechanic that will allow players to relive the zombie's human memories.

Ragtag wrote, "These flashbacks are critically important to the game for a variety of reasons."

Ray's The Dead will enable the player to lead a horde of zombies, according to Ragtag Studios' website. They are also promising to include the ability to turn humans into fellow undead and an Eighties-inspired soundtrack

Announced at the 2013 E3, Ray's The Dead has not been given a release date.