Severed Winds Featured on Square Enix Collective

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Severed Winds, a Japanese RPG developed by an indie studio known as Faustination, is now featured on the Square Enix Collective.

Square Enix announced the JRPG on Twitter, inviting fans give feedback about the title.

It will be released in episodes, and it will be the story of Feliz and Dina as they hunt monsters known as "Malumen." In a relationship at the beginning of the game, Severed Winds won't focus on their romantic development.

Instead, it will be about their effort to sustain their romance through the game's conflict.

Severed Winds will be a classic JRPG--featuring a traditional turn-based combat system for which the genre is known.

"The combat in Severed Winds in conditional turn-based, but with a twist." Faustination states, "Everything is based on an Action point system.

There is no MP in this game; instead every action you take in combat takes AP and at the end of the turn AP is regenerated."

Severed Winds will also feature complex puzzles that will require you to sever your party in order to solve them.

"One of the most exciting features in Severed Winds will be Party Severance." Faustination states,"Essentially you can 'sever' your party in two and split them up, tackling many of the game's puzzles.

Severing your party can also give you certain other advantages; by using the power of Conservance you can 'connect' one party member with another and share magic spells and other abilities for use when they are separated."

Currently, Faustination hopes to release Severed Winds on PC and Mac. No release date was specified in the post. For more titles from Square Enix's Collective, visit its official website here.