Guy Runs Across Airport Runway To Catch His Missed Flight

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In today's Nutcase Minute, we have this genius from Madrid, who apparently missed his Ryanair flight, and then made the brilliant decision to run after it.

You can see him in the video below. Somehow he manages to get through the gate doors and down the open jetbridge.

Seeing that the plane was long gone, he jumps out of the jetbridge, has a conversation with a baggage handler (who, it appears, decided this wasn't concerning enough to do anything about), and then starts running across the tarmac with his luggage trying to wave down the plane.

We're left to wonder what he would do if he caught it -- sort of like a dog who chases cars finally catching one?

One thing's for sure: it's not surprising that this was a Ryanair passenger.

This is the same airline where a mom was letting her son spit on passengers, a guy started stripping in the air, two guys caused a bomb threat in a fight over the bathroom, and passengers rioted during an unscheduled stop.

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