Lionhead Incubation Celebrates Studio's Misfit Productions

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The creative process is a trial and error system; some ideas turn out to be successful--launching careers like J.K Rowling's--and others live on in Star Wars Christmas Special-like infamy.

Lionhead Studios, the developer of Fable, wants fans to view their creative process. As such, they launched Lionhead Incubation--a platform for the studio's creations that went awry to be appreciated.

"But what's the point of creating something but then having it sit on a hard drive somewhere, never to be seen again?" Lionhead stated, "We want the community to share in our failures-that-are-not-falures, and so over time we're going to be sharing some of those ideas with you, hopefully evolving into a regular cycle of interesting things for you to see or play."

In the latest entry of Lionhead Incubation, the studio posted InkQuest.

"It was part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game, and it was captivating enough that it was 'incubated'--the concept was expanded further and built into a more robust, playable prototype," Lionhead stated, "We explored worlds made entirely from words and investigated different ways of telling stories within them."

But, the studio decided to stop production of the title.

Lionhead wants to hear from you about what prototypes should be made public. You can contact the studio via their Twitter account. For more about Lionhead, you can view their website here.