Mighty No. 9 Will Be in English

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Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise, will be in English.

Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man and Mighty No. 9, announced the news via the latter's Kickstarter page; it was close and Japanese was almost the featured language.

"Mighty No. 9 will include English voice acting!" Comcept states on the Kickstarter page for Mighty No.

9, "You might be thinking 'Well DUH! Of course it's English--the largest majority of Mighty No.

9 backers speak English! And sure, you'd be right, but you'd be surprised how close the vote was--less than 1,000 votes separated the two choices, from the start right down to the end!"

Mighty No. 9 more than tripled its goal of $900,000--ending its successful Kickstarter campaign at $3,845, 170. The campaign ended a year ago.

Recently, Inafune launched a beta for No.9--a test that saw overall positive feedback with interspersed criticism.

" The wider response to Mighty No.

9's beta was positive," IGN states, "with players excited and interested in more. Inafune admits his decelopment team can't do much what that beyond moving forward with their vision, but some discouraging fan concerns definitely came about."

Mighty No. 9 is scheduled for launch in April 2015. For more about the game, visit its official website here.