Nintendo Holding Retro Art Contest

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Nintendo is embracing the growing trend of nostalgia in the gaming industry; the company announced on Twitter that they are holding a contest to see how much the artistic portion of their fan base enjoys their retro titles--the contest is inspired by their popular game, NES Remix 2.

"Does the retro world of Nintendo inspire you?" Nintendo asked their fans, "Great- because we have a challenge for you! To celebrate the release of NES Remix 2 on Wii U, we want you to flex your creative muscle and make a work of art based on this world!"

The rules, Nintendo says, are simple: all art must be pixel-based in accordance with the spirit of the contest . In addition, all entries must be in a perfect square--2000px by 2000px, according to Nintendo's Facebook page.

Finally, all entries must be submitted digitally; Nintendo stated that all physically sent works of art will be excluded from consideration.

The winners of the contest will get a Nintendo Wii U video game console. The contest ends on September 26.

Nintendo has been aggressively promoting their titles; with the release of two Super Smash Bros. games on the horizon, they are offering discounted prices on games featuring characters that appear in the popular brawler.

For more information on NES Remix 2, visit the official website for the game.