Dragon Ball Xenoverse TV Spot Teases Some 'What if?' Scenarios

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a new TV trailer that shows us more of what will happen in the game's story mode.

In Xenoverse, an evil force is changing the Dragon Ball timeline. It is up to you to restore balance to a universe cast into peril.

The trailer is in Japanese, but it has "What if?" variations of the series' most iconic moments: Goku fights Captain Ginyu when he arrives on Namek.

Ginyu quickly realizes that Goku is stronger and steals his body--leaving the heroic Saiyan in a disadvantageous situation.

In the trailer, however, your character takes the blast for Goku, allowing him to remain in his body.

Another altered moment in the trailer comes from the beginning of the series, when Goku is restraining Raditz while Piccolo charges his Special Beam Cannon. The beam ends up killing both Saiyans.

But in the teaser, Raditz quickly gets out of the way, and Goku is the only one that dies as a result of Piccolo's blast.

It is still unknown how the series' timeline will be affected with these changes. There have been "What if?" scenarios thrown into previous Dragon Ball titles, but they haven't been the center of the game's story like in Xenoverse.

For instance, in Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3, "What if?" stories include: a successful saiyan rebellion against Frieza, Raditz turning good, and others.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse launches on February 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Steam PC. For more about the title, visit its official website here.

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