New App 'SkinVision' Uses Your Phone's Camera To Detect Skin Cancer

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Now you can use your phone's camera for something other than selfies.

SkinVision is a new app developed by dermatologists which was designed in order to help worried users sleep a little better between doctor visits.

The app scans for skin cancer by using your phone's camera and then instantaneously gives a readout of the percentage risk of skin cancer.

While the app's disclaimer does note that it should not replace a doctor and that its findings are not 100% accurate, it can definitely revolutionize the way we look at diagnosing ailments.

Mail Online reports that the app has been rated to be 90% accurate when diagnosing and that the way it scans for skin cancer is by comparing your picture to an internal database of "4,000 images from 500 live dermatological evaluations." At $4.99, the app can not only scan a mole or lesion but also keep a running data base of all of your scans so that you can compare them over time. The app also offers three separate risk categories (low, medium, high) and will suggest dermatologists in your area if the scan detects a medium or high risk probability.

In all scenarios, the app does not replace a live medical examination.