Naughty Dog Games Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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It has been 30 years since Naughty Dog, the studio behind Uncharted and Last of Us, opened its doors.

The company wrote on their website about the anniversary, "September marks thirty years of making awesome games at Naughty Dog.

From our start as a team of two at Jam Software to the world- renowned two hundred plus devs at the studio you know today, we've been hard at work to continually set the standard then surpass it with every subsequent game we create."

In celebration, the California-based company released a promotional video--Twitter users were quick to acknowledge it. The video is a compilation of the founders reminiscing about the studio's early days.

Naughty Dog stated that the video is only a "tease" and that a full video would be released.

But Naughty Dog isn't limiting the celebration to a video; the studio is launching an art show that begins on September 27.

They stated about the event, "Opening night will be full of fun including a photo booth area, cosplay, a birthday cake, special guests and the opportunity to get some very cool merch such as The Art of Naughty Dog art book.

Special workshops and character art featuring artists from our studio will be held October 4 to October 12."

Naughty Dog is inviting fans to get involved with the celebration; the hashtag, #NDMemories is trending on Twitter, and fans are getting nostalgic.