DmC: Definitive Edition Will Feature 60 fps, 1080p Visuals

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DmC: The Definitive Edition is a remaster of the controversial PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title. It will feature 1080p visuals and run at 60 fps--both of which are standards for the eighth generation of consoles.

In addition, The Definitive Edition of the game will feature new difficulty modes.

"The developers have also included a new difficulty level aptly named "Gods Must Die" in which all enemies have their Devil Triggers active when they spawn," PlayStation stated on its blog.

"This is the game's way of saying "good luck, LOL," and then throwing Dante into a giant hell blender. But what would Devil May Cry be without those over-the-top challenges that keep players coming back for additional punishment?"

It seems, however, that Ninja Theory is trying to reconcile with fans who were offended by the new interpretation of Dante.

"DmC: Definitive Edition also comes equipped with a Hardcore Mode, which adjusts the combat design to feel more like the traditional Devil May Cry games," PlayStation stated.

"This means a more rigorous Style ranking system, modified Devil Trigger, and other tweaks to give gamers that worshipped the original series something else to sink their combo-hungry teeth into."

The Devil May Cry reboot launched with disapproval. The developers of the game even received death threats due to their reimagining of Dante's universe, according to VG247. As a result, the game sold worse than expected.

DmC: Definitive Edition launches on March 10 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more about the title, visit its official website here.