City of Brotherly Love Kills HitchBOT

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If you come across a hitchhiking robot would your initial thought be hey lets vandalize it, or would you help the little guy out? Well in Philadelphia the robot known as "HitchBOT" was not only vandalized, but killed.

So much for the city of brotherly love.

"On July 17, a smiling and seemingly harmless robot named HitchBOT set out to accomplish its dream--roadtripping across America through the kindness of strangers," reported Arstechnica.

"The little fellow comes from a Canadian research team made up of students and professors at McMaster, Ryerson, and the University of Toronto, and in 2014 it managed to make a similar trek across Canada and parts of Europe.

The whole goal, according to the team, was simple: 'to see whether robots could trust humans.'"

Things took a horrible turn for HitchBOT, he died at the hands of Philly natives. According to the report photos of the vandalized robot were sent to the creators of the robot without any reasoning as to why the beloved robot was destroyed.

His limbs were detached and he his seen unresponsive in the streets of Philadelphia. What was supposed to be a friendly road trip went tragically wrong it a robotic social experiment that practically proves not even robots can trust humans.

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