New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer Details Game's Time Traveling Story

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The new Dragon Ball Xenoverse TV spot details the game's time traveling story.

It's in Japanese, but Anime News Network posted a translation:

"Text: History collapses.
Goku: 'History...

is changing.'
Trunks: 'Of course there would be one chosen only by Shenron.'
Text: He is the warrior of hope, summoned by Shenron.
Cell: 'A shame you just rose from the dead!'
Text: A crisis for the Dragon Ball world that calls for history's destruction.
Woman: 'At this rate, history...

no, this whole universe will disappear.'
Text: A time-wandering god, in a time-wandering conflict.
Trunks: 'Please, use your power to save Goku and the others.'
Narrator: "Now, venture into your very own Dragon Ball world! Your journey to save the world starts here!'
Goku: 'Who are you? I don't know who you are, but you certainly helped me.'
Towa: 'You are my greatest masterpiece.'
Narrator: 'Take back lost history! Dragon Ball Xenoverse! February 2.'
Narrator: 'You'll be the one to save the world!'"

Dragon Ball Xenoverse launches in Japan on February 5. It will be available in North America on February 24 and in Europe and Australia on February 27. It will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam PC.

For more about Dragon Ball Xenoverse, visit its official website here.

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