Periphery To Stream Grand Theft Auto V, Announces Completion of 'Juggernaut'

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Periphery, one of the pioneers of the djent subgenre of heavy metal, is visiting Rockstar Games today.

They will be streaming Grand Theft Auto V Online via Rockstar's Twitch account with fellow metalheads, The Contortionist.

Periphery announced the news via Twitter. Rockstar was quick to respond enthusiastically.

Periphery is nearing the end of their "Escape from the Studio Tour"--a series of concerts they did with Toothgrinder, The Contortionist, and Intervals. During the tour, the band announced that they finished recording their upcoming album, "Juggernaut."

Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to launch on the eighth generation consoles on November 18. The title received rave reviews and currently holds a near-perfect score on Metacritic.

"GTA V is an imperfect yet astounding game that has great characters and an innovative and exciting narrative structure," Gamespot stated in their review of the game, "It also raises the bar for open-world mission design in a big way and has one of the most beautiful, lively, diverse and stimulating worlds ever seen in a video game."

The stream starts today at 4 PM EST. You can watch Periphery and The Contortionist wreak havoc in Los Santos here. For more information about Grand Theft Auto V and its upcoming release on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, go here.