Steam Offering A Deal for 'Bioshock Infinite' Fans

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Bioshock Infinite, the third installment of the popular first person shooter series, is 75% off on Steam. The offer lasts until 10 PM PST Friday.

Infinite takes place in Columbia-- a society inspired by America's industrial era. And despite it being different than the first two installments of the series, it received good reviews.

IGN gave the title a 9.5 out of 10 and the game has a score of 94 on Metacritic.

"Going in, I had question whether Infinite could live up to the Bioshock name after having discarded its signature world of rapture," IGN states in its review of the game, "with its Big Daddies and Little Sisters and warring philosophies, and starting from scratch. On the way out, I'm forced to seriously question which is the better game.

In total, Bioshock Infinite is a brilliant shooter that nudges the entire genre forward with innovations in both storytelling and gameplay.

It trips over itself in a couple of spots, but not in any way that should keep you from embracing it with your utmost enthusiasm."

In addition, Game Informer stated that the setting in Infinite was "more nuanced than Rapture"--the setting of the first two Bioshock games.

You can find more information about the sale on Bioshock Infinite's Steam page here.