Official Trailer for Legend of Korra, Season Four Hits the Internet

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A new trailer for the upcoming Legend of Korra season has hit the Internet.

The spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Korra follows the titular character as she struggles with her role as the world's spiritual guide--the only person who can master all four elements.

Entitled "Balance," the new season takes place three years after the events of the previous one,"Change." Ending with a Dragonball Z-like clash between Korra and Zaheer, the former was too fatigued to walk on her own at the end of "Change."

Korra, however, appears to have made a full recovery in "Balance." With a shorter coif, the trailer is fast-paced and makes frequent cuts. The Earth Kingdom appears to be a central theme in the upcoming season.

With a largely green palette, the trailer is rich with the color that fans of the franchise most often associate with the largest nation in the Avatar universe.

Kuvira stood out the most in the trailer. Introduced at the end of "Change,"she is standing front of a legion of soldiers in the teaser.

There has been fan speculation that Kuvira would be the next Korra baddie. And, with her menacing appearances in the trailer, the assumption might be correct.

You can view the trailer here. Legend of Korra Season 4, "Balance" is debuting online on on October 3. For more information about the franchise, visit its official website.