Appule Confirmed For Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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Another character has been confirmed for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Appule will be playable in the upcoming game based on the popular anime.

You might remember Appule as one of Frieza's more inept underlings. He was there when Vegeta was recovering from his first battle with Zarbon, who bested the Saiyan prince after transforming.

While Vegeta was in the medical tank, Appule made the fatal mistake of insulting him while he healed. Vegeta heard his monologue and took exception to it.

The last we saw of Appule in Dragon Ball Z was him vanishing into one of Vegeta's massive ki blasts.

This led to a chain of events that saw Vegeta steal the Dragon Balls and kill Zarbon.

Xenoverse's roster will be one of the biggest in the history of Dragon Ball video games. It has been speculated that the game will feature 126 playable characters.

And with the inclusion of Appule, it is clear that Dimps is trying to get as many characters in the game as possible.

The game will feature characters from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and the recent film, Battle of Gods.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Feburary 17. For more information about the upcoming video game, visit its official website here.