iPhone 6 Plus Bends In Pockets

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The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were two of the most highly anticipated mobile device releases of the year but it seems that other than the cracked screens the iPhone 6 Plus is magically bending in consumers pockets.

"As highlighted in a few reports shared in the MacRumors forums, a small but growing number of iPhone 6 Plus owners have reportedly bent their phones after carrying the devices in their pockets just days after launch," according to MacRumors.com.

"In one instance, a new iPhone 6 Plus was bent during a day of dancing, dining, and driving to a wedding."

Consumers have been revealing photos of the slight bend in the phone after having them in their pocket.

"Yesterday, I left at 10am with the iPhone in my left FRONT pocket of my suit pants. I drove 4 hours to a wedding, which also involved a lot of sitting during dinner etc but also 2-3 hours of dancing.

I left at 2am and went to bed, driving home 4 hours back," said one consumer according to the Mac Rumors post.

For a phone that is deemed highly sophisticated and technologically advanced, will this make consumers think twice before purchasing the phone?