'Naruto' Manga Has Ended After 15 Years

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Naruto, after 15 years of popularity, has ended. This was expected, as series creator Masashi Kishimoto stated that it would end this year. But fans of the beloved manga were still sad to see it end.

The manga lasted 700 chapters. But its first chapter was released in 1999, and its anime counterpart was divided into 2 segments: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

In the show, Naruto starts out as the worst student in his class; he is shunned by the people of his village for carrying a giant flaming fox demon in his body.

Naruto could be seen as the ninja version of Harry Potter; instead of wizard school, the characters all attend an academy to become elite shinobi. But evil former students hinder the Naruto's efforts.

For instance, Orochimaru--a character based on a Japanese myth--crashed an exam and cursed Naruto's friend, Sasuke. This would eventually turn Sasuke evil, and the fight between him and Naruto is one of the highlights of the series.

Shippuden focused on Naruto in his young adult years as he pursued his dream of becoming Hokage. The most recent arcs in Shippuden focused on Naruto trying to redeem Sasuke.

The series ends with Naruto becoming Hokage. If you want to follow the story from the beginning, you can stream the show here.