Boston Festival of Indie Games Starts on 9/13

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The Third Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games will be this Saturday, September 13, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Featuring some of the most promising games from the independent companies, the festival's mastermind is Dan Silvers--the "founder and Resident Game Designer of Lantana Games."

The festival, unlike recent years, will not be free.

Those who are interested in attending can purchase a ticket on the event's website; all proceeds made will be donated to "schools, afterschool classes, summer camps, and similar youth programs dedicated toward fostering the next generation of game developers."

Featuring both tabletop and digital games, developers are gearing up for the event. Several companies who will be featured at the festival announced their excitement via Twitter.

The festival's schedule is on their website, and it consists of theater and classroom portions. Segments include: "Classroom 1- Fun Things Are Fun," "Theater- Community Collaboration in the Development of Unreal Tournament," and " Theater- Hacking Games Journalism: Indie Game Marketing 101."

Tabletop games being showcased at the festival include: Grave Robber's Dilemma, Henchmen, and Mutiny. The list of featured digital games includes: Catlateral Damage, Brain and Brawn, Boru mo, and Big Action Mega Fight.

The Boston Festival of Indie Gaming's ceremonies start at 9:30 am. Featuring indie developers, Cambridge will be flooded with gaming enthusiasts this weekend.