Rumor: Disney Might Be Interested In Ubisoft Or Activision To Make Star Wars Games Outside Of EA

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A few years ago when Disney bought out Lucasfilm, the company made an agreement that EA would be the only game developer and publisher to make Star Wars video games for the next decade or so.

Well a new rumor suggests Disney has found a loophole with the original arrangement and can now explore other game companies to make Star Wars video games.

According to a rumor posted by Cinelinx, Disney is upset with the current arrangement with EA and wants to shop around with other game developers/publishers. The two companies being looked at are both Ubisoft and even Activision.

The reason Disney is able to do this is because the original contract states if certain standards are not met, Disney could pull out and shop around the Star Wars license to other gaming companies.

It goes without saying EA's efforts have not been great so far.

If you missed the drama, EA ruined the Star Wars brand when it released Battlefront 2 last year. Even though the gameplay and visuals were good, the loot boxes and pay to win system was too much for gamers to bare.

Battlefront 2 was criticized at launch which affected sales of the game. EA temporarily removed microtransactions from the game, but might add them back at a later date.

EA also got criticism last year when they shut down developer Visceral Games and canceled their planned "Uncharted-like" Star Wars video game.

Former Naughty Dog employee Amy Hennig was writing the game and it was supposed to be an epic linear single player video game.

Alas, EA did not see how a "single player game" can make money so they are going to rework it to make it more like a "live service".

In other words, it will have online components like Destiny and The Division.

Even the first EA developed Battlefront game saw a lot of criticism thanks to no single player campaign and lack of content from the prequels and new trilogy. Not to mention most of the game was sold as post-launch DLC.

All these incidents have caused gamers not to like Star Wars video games anymore and has potentially damaged the brand. If Ubisoft and Activision are now able to make games based on the Star Wars universe, things might be looking up in a more positive way.

For now, take this news as a rumor until an official announcement is made.

That said, it's true Disney is upset with EA as Disney were the ones that told the publisher to remove microtransactions in Battlefront 2 after all of the fan backlash.

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