Square Enix Wants to Revive Old Eidos IPs

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Square Enix wants to revive some classic Eidos titles, according to a post on The Collective. They want to see how independent developers can update IPs like Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachoronox.

There will be more titles that open up, but Square Enix wants to limit it to those three, first.

The process will be similar to other titles on The Collective: They will pre-approve any title before it goes to public voting.

If it gets good enough feedback from the community, then the company will "proceed further" with the idea, which means it will likely go to crowd-funding.

If approved, Square Enix will help the studio in the game's development--to ensure the final product is up to standards. In addition, they will take 20% of the net revenue.

The Collective is, however, encouraging developers to have fresh takes on old IPs.

"It *doesn't* mean that we're looking for straight-up sequels," the statement on the Collective website reads, "we'd love to see different takes on those universes.

What would Gex look like in a side-scrolling adventure, or a turn-based strategy? So feel free to mash up genres, and get creative."

Square Enix purchased Eidos in 2009 for $85 Million. Eidos was responsible for such classic titles as: Tomb Raider, Thief, and Hitman--all of which have had new installments since Eidos was bought.